Mr. Yarnick

7th Grade Social Studies

Google Classroom Class Codes

Period 2: ljtnasv

Period 3: uj9lqq

Period 5: d94ue5

Period 6: ft3ib99

Period 8: te4bf9z

Period 9: h9htbg

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All civics classes participated in the FBI's Safe Online Surfing program. Our overall 7th grade score was a 86.85% ! I am very proud of this years 7th grade!

Social Studies Syllabus
Class Procedures

Student Learning Objective:

Google Classroom

-class assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom

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To produce responsible contributing citizens who can demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a changing world. We will accomplish this by providing diverse practical educational opportunities, recognizing each person's self-worth, and developing individual talents and interest.