Mr. Yarnick

7th Grade Social Studies


Social Studies is an introductory course for students, which focuses on PA History, local history, civics, and geography. For the PA History portion of the class students will study important people and events that helped shape our commonwealth’s history. There will be a strong local history component. In geography students will study the geography of Pennsylvania, the United States, and countries around the world. In civics students will study local, state, and national government, the US Constitution, and elections.

All classwork will be on Google Classroom

All classes participated in the FBI's Safe Online Surfing program. Ninety nine 7th graders took the test at the end of the program. Our overall 7th grade score was a 85.86% ! I am very proud of this years 7th grade!

Social Studies Syllabus
Class Procedures

Student Learning Objective:

Google Classroom

-class assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom

Richland School District ~Mission Statement~

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To produce responsible contributing citizens who can demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a changing world. We will accomplish this by providing diverse practical educational opportunities, recognizing each person's self-worth, and developing individual talents and interest.