Ch. 7 The Executive Branch

Class Notes:

Constitution Facts (found in Google Classroom). The goal is to score a 37/50 or higher.

Constitution Facts 2nd attempt
Ch. 7 Section 1 cabinet student

History of the Presidential Inauguration.

Presidential Inauguration student
Ch. 7 Section 1 Review student
Ch. 7 Section 2 cabinet student

In Google Classroom, (as a class) continue working on The Cabinet

  • Each slide should have at least:
    • 2 bullets (notes)
    • 2 pictures
Ch. 7 Section 3 STUDENT
Ch. 7 Section 3 Review student
Ch. 7 Section 4 student
Ch. 7 Section 4 review, S...Hail to the Chief student
Ch. 7 Kahoot student
Ch. 7 Study Guide answers
Ch. 7 Test Day!

Study Guide:

Will be available on Google Classroom.