Ch. 2 Roots of American Democracy

Class Notes:

Ch. 2 Section 1 student

Ch. 2 Section 1 Review & Magna Carta

Magna Carta Day 3

Last day to work on The Magna Carta Project (20 points).  The project can be found in Google Classroom.
Each slide should have at least 1 picture and notes from the textbook.

All About Me Presentation with Mr. Bailey (slide found in Google Classroom)

Botvin Life Skills

Ch. 2 Section 2 student

Ch. 2 Section 3 student

Ch. 2 Section 3 Review & D.O.I. student

Ch. 2 Section 4 student

Ch. 2 Kahoot student

Ch. 2 Study Guide student

Ch. 2 Test Day!.ppt

Will be available on Google Classroom.