Ch. 1 The American People


Michael Strank

Michael Strank

Class Notes:

August 23

First Day of School 2017

August 24

Ch. 1 Section 1 student

August 25

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Introducing Yourself- found in Google Classroom

Afterwards, play States and Capitals Game

August 28- Civics book cover!  5/5 homework grade.

Ch. 1 Section 1 continue Student

Computer Literacy skills!

August 29

Ch. 1 Section 2 student

August 30

Ch. 1 Section 3 Student

August 31

Ch. 1 Types of government Student

September 1st
Finish Types of Government (Create in Google Classroom)
use p. 23-26 in Civics book.  Refer to Yesterday's notes for more information on what to include on your slides.

Continue working on Ch. 1 Study Guide

September 5
  • Ty --- 1st sA.  --M

Ch. 1 Review for test student

September 6

Ch. 1 Study guide new version!!!! Student

September 7

Ch. 1 Test Day!

Ch. 1 Study Guide.doc

Ch. 1 BCR