Ch. 8 The Judicial Branch


February 5th

Ch. 8 Section 1 Student

February 6th

Ch. 8 Section 1 review & Supreme Court 2016 Project STUDENT

February 8th-  Continue working on Supreme Court Project (20 points)

Ch. 8 Supreme Court Justice Project student

February 9th

Ch. 8 Section 2 STUDENT

February 12th

Ch. 8 Section 2 Review bio thurgood student

February 13th

Ch. 8 Section 3 student

February 14th

Ch. 8 Section 3 Review & Video student

February 15th

Ch. 8 Section 4 student

February 16h- Current Event #8

February 19th- No School Teacher In-service

February 20th

Ch. 8 Content Vocab Activity & Marbury v. Madison student

February 21th

Ch. 8 Review for test Kahoot student

February 22

Ch. 8 Study Guide answers Good one

February 23

Ch. 8 test day!

February 26

Three Branches of Government Project Day 1

February 27

Three Branches of Government Final Day

February 28th- Present Three Branches of Government Project

Marbury v. madison.asf

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